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Entry Level Network Engineer Salary

Entry Level Network Engineer Salary
Network engineers may choose to work internally or externally. Outsourcing is common practice in the industry, with numerous examples of large IT companies lending support to their clients. A professional in the field may work in a number of related fields, which applies to entry-level and seasoned engineers alike. Some examples include network administration, systems support, security engineering, network architecture, first-line customer support, VoIP and Cisco support. Typical responsibilities of a network engineer include: design and implementation of system configuration and new solutions; system installation and system standard enforcement; maximization of network performance; network troubleshooting; securing network systems; upgrading data network equipment; support and administration of firewall environments; configuration of routing/switching equipment; configuration of IP voice services; first-line and remote support; capacity management. The choice of a proper network engineer degree is of enormous importance, given that numerous positions are to be chosen among. There is no best course of action; engineers should decide based on their preferences.
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